What is 2020 Vision Quest?

We lead and inspire students and professionals to reach their peak potential while providing financial support for crucial vision services.

2020 Vision Quest supports two organizations—NH Association for the Blind, and the internationally renowned Guiding Eyes for the Blind—to help ensure that life-changing services for the blind may always continue.

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" ...it rocked the entire audience of 130 people. There were farmers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, artists from young to old... Everyone felt that Randy was talking to them. It was a profound experience."
– Celeste Barr, Beaver Brook Association

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Your tax-deductible donation helps to raise and train dog guides, reach out to young people, and maintain services for blind people in New Hampshire. Any amount is welcome.

Randy and Jose Acevedo have the determined look of a team about to win the USABA B1 Division's National Championship at the California International Marathon.


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Less than a month to Boston’s Marathon Monday!

Early on the morning of Monday, April 20th Randy will pull into Hopkinton Massachusetts, with friend and coach Greg Hallerman, to begin final preparations near the starting line for the 119th annual running of the world-renowned Boston Marathon. There they will meet Christine Houde who will be guiding Randy for the first half of the race, and later her husband Peter Houde who will hopefully lead the team to the historic finish line.

Described by Tedy Bruschi as the “Super Bowl of Road Races . . . in a 26.2-mile-long home stadium,” the Boston Marathon is always held, appropriately, on the Patriots Day holiday in Massachusetts.

As of this writing, Randy has put in nearly 1,000 miles of running training in preparation for this huge day. He reflects on the training – “I worked physically harder than this in my return to walking after all my days in the wheelchair, but probably not for much else if anything!”

Randy continues, addressing this winter’s unique weather, his training companions, and his goal. “A snowy and bitterly cold New England winter has amplified the challenges of Boston training tremendously. Roads are narrowed by record snowfalls, layered in icy ruts and sand-blasted by bitterly cold winds. I’ve run at minus-5 degrees, with a constantly frosted face, and layered in gear that makes any run a challenge. I’ve run before the sun rose, and I’ve run in the dark after it’s set, but more impressively I’ve run with many guides who took on the challenge alongside me to make it possible. I’ve run on treadmills when weather or health simply didn’t allow running outside, and I’ve come to appreciate all the sacrifices proper and adequate run-training require. Am I ready for Boston? Not yet, but I’m well on the way and my primary goal to finish in under four hours seems very much within reach. There’s an epic day ahead and I hope to share many parts of it with the friends and supporters who continue to make 2020 Vision Quest possible. I hope you’ll join our efforts and help make this a truly great experience for all.”

On March 20th we've released an “all-Marathon” blog entry here on the 2020 Vision Quest website, and our encouragement for the 2020 community to come together in various ways to celebrate this exciting journey to and through the Boston Marathon. Whether you’ve logged #Miles4Quinn with Randy, share in our celebration of “Ability Awareness” or simply relish the mission of 2020 Vision Quest, this will be a defining experience in a momentous year.

Photo above: Randy and Jose Acevedo have the determined look of a team about to win the USABA's B1 Division National Championship at the California International Marathon last December.

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Welcome, Autumn!

Autumn in harness smiles up at the camera.

Randy's new guide dog has entered our lives and charmed our hearts. Learn more about Autumn here.

How does a sightless man climb a mountain?

See a 15-minute documentary film about Randy and 2020 Vision Quest's July 4th climb of Mount Washington. Teaser video of Blind Ambition
Watch the "Blind Ambition" trailer

2020 DVDs still available!

We are proud to announce Extended Availability of the 2020 VisionQuest DVD "Four More Feet" documenting Randy and Quinn's Historic Winter 48 Hikes! DVD ordering instructions, along with the download for the Descriptive Video Service, can be found at the following link.

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