Hiking Mount Adams and Mount Madison

Map of routes
  • Anticipated ascent date: July 2-4, 2011
  • Hike leader: Kara
  • Trip plan: Mt. Adams: Valley Way, Gulfside Trail, Thunderstorm Junction, Lowe's Path. Mt. Madison: (from Madison Spring Hut) Osgood Trail

Team 2020 gets the opportunity to check out the newly renovated Madison Spring Hut this Fourth of July! To celebrate Indepdence Day, the team is taking on a 3-day trip to the summits of two Presidentials, Adams and Madison, and spending two nights at the updated hut.

Pre-hike links

"Learning to Lead" by Kara

Want to track our progress? Starting on the morning of the hike, you can track us with Spot Adventures, which receives GPS updates and messages from a device we will carry. We'll try to publish updates on Twitter and Facebook, but we can't guarantee cell reception!

Mountain facts

  • Mount Adams is the 2nd highest peak in New England; Mount Madison is the 5th highest.
  • The original Madison Spring Hut was built in 1888, gutted by fire and rebuilt in 1940/41, and updated in 2010/11.
  • Within the barren col between Adams and Madison lies a tiny body of water called Star Lake.

Resource links

If you'd like to hike either of these mountains, we recommend these resources:

A note from Team 2020 to our fellow hikers

If you're thinking what we're thinking -- man, what a great day to hike! -- please be prepared. Pack adequate (and extra) gear, food and water; leave your trip plans with someone not on the trip; and respect Leave No Trace principles and the Hiker Responsibility Code. Also remember that most areas in the White Mountains limit hiking parties to ten members, maximum. Because Team 2020 hikes at full capacity, we can't accommodate unexpected trail meet-ups -- but we would love to share your stories and experiences! Be sure to let us know what trails you're hitting by posting to our blog, or emailing us directly.

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