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Silent Auction Donations

To our Donors,

On behalf of the Peak Potential event team, thank you for considering supporting our organization and specifically this event. We expect a SOLD OUT event with over 240 guests and our goal is to raise the most money we can while providing an enjoyable and affordable bidding experience for all of our guests. To ensure that we achieve these goals, we are providing some guidelines for those who are considering a donation.

Ideal retail value of $100 and higher
The ideal retail value for silent auction items is $75 to $150. Reviews of auction results over the years show that items with a retail value in this range are the most appealing to our guests and succeed in attracting the most bids. This also allows room for bidding at affordable levels for the majority of our guests. We will consider donations of any value, but please know that we may combine multiple donations to create a single package that will attract more guests and their fundraising dollars.

Higher value or “priceless” items may be considered for one of our limited LIVE auction items.

Great Donations Items
We pride ourselves in providing a wide variety of auction items. Physical items, or packages that include something tangible, often attract more bidders than intangible items or certificates. If you are planning to donate a certificate or an experience, consider including a physical item that the winner can take home with them. Items with your logo or items that are representative of an experience are perfect for this purpose.

  • Artwork and Framed Prints
  • Handcrafted Items
  • Family and Adult Experiences
  • Sport Items or Events
  • Latest Cutting Edge Electronics
  • Themed Gift Baskets

Deadline for donations: Thursday November 9th
To give our staff of volunteers the time they need to ensure your donation is properly acknowledged in event materials, the deadline to get your donation into our hands is one month before the dinner – Thursday, November 9th. Any items received after this date may not be included in the event program, slideshow, or online promotion.

Donations can be sent to 2020 Vision Quest - Peak Potential c/o Randy Pierce 109 East Glenwood Street Nashua, NH 03060 or scheduled to be picked up by one of our volunteers by contacting monique@2020visionquest.org.

Thank you for helping us and helping others reach for and achieve our Peak Potential!